Dry Ice will produce whimsical special effects for your special day

Whether you're hosting at home or at work, managing a stage production or require dance floor clouds at a wedding, DRY ICE offers multiple benefits for any function, party or event.

Placing DRY ICE blocks in a heated pool or spa, creates an impressive fog effect, that will WOW your guests. When combined with hot water, DRY ICE bubbles in the water and creates beautiful, flowing fog.



It's fun - adding an ethereal, fun or unusual aspect to your event is easy with DRY ICE.

It's inexpensive - no need for expensive smoke machine equipment.

It's easy to use - It's effective and it does the work for you.

It's available - With our network and door to door delivery service, your DRY ICE comes to you.

It's safe - When handled correctly, it is perfectly safe for home and personal use.

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With 2kg of dry ice in 20L of Hot Water, you'll see thick fog being produced for about 10 minutes. Once the water begins to cool and the dry ice sublimates, the amount of fog produced reduces. Dry ice creates a fog effect because of its cold temperature.

When immersed in hot water, it creates a cloud of water vapour fog. When the water is colder than 15 C, the fog effect stops but the dry ice continues to sublimate and bubble. In general, it will last longer on a damp day than on a hot day.